Football is a Athletic Game where the players need to have a specific skill set to score and win the game. The objective of a team in the game is by defeating the opponent by outscoring them . By advancing the football into their endzone for as many touchdowns as possible, and still managing to hold the ball till the touch down. And when the opponent tries the touch down, your team has to make sure they don’t reach the other end. There are many other ways of scoring as well. but the prime objective is a touch down.

Football Resume Template

Mike Taylor

4825 Coffee Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93308

Personal Details:

D.O.B: 12/04/1991

Height: 190 cm

Weight: 290 lbs

Body fat percentage: 10

Eye Sight: Normal

Marital status: Unmarried

Complexion: Fair to clear

Career Objective: To play football for National Football League team.

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Georgia Tech, USA.
  • Diploma in Mass Communications.

Hobbies & Interest:

  • Football, Sprints, Swimming and  Travelling.


  • Appointed Team Co-Captain for the 2008-09 Season
  • League Top 20 in Assists for the 2008-09 Season
  • Best Quarter Back in the for season 2008-09.
  • Maintained the Football equipment for other college league matches.
  • Played as a quarterback in NJCAA National Football Championship in 2005-06