The film camera used for movies require trained operators to capture the movie scenes as envisioned by the film director or cinematographer.  Occasionally, the director can demonstrated how the shots are to be made and the operator takes.  The film camera operator does all the legwork and handiwork under the cinematographer’s direction.  They often meet with the film director and the cinematographer to discuss solutions in capturing difficult scenes.

Film Camera Operator Resume Template

Harrison H. Cord

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: 310-332-2256


To be a lead film camera operator for a large movie production company

Summary of Qualification

  • More than a decade experience as a film camera operator in an independent movie studio.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Film Camera Operator, Santa Monica Film Studio

  • Confer with director and electrician regarding interpretation of scene, desired effects, filming and lighting requirements
  • Accompany the crew in location shooting overseas and ensure that the camera to be used is suitable or adaptable to the weather conditions of the location area with suitable protective gear against harsh winters, humidity and arid deserts.
  • Indicate to the boom operator when the microphone is in frame and give him limits so he can get in as close as possible
  • Follow instructions from the director concerning the mood or dramatic effect to be achieved

2000 – 2005:  Apprentice Film Camera Operator, Universal Studios

  • Assist the lead film camera operator in preparing the cameras for field and location shooting.
  • Make sure the camera shutter is in the proper position and that light is not leaking into the camera after each take


1999 – 2000:  Diploma in Film Production, Ohio University School of Film

1995 – 1999:  Bachelor of Fine Arts, Michigan State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request