What you see as exciting fight and martial arts scenes don’t happen as spontaneously as they seem, but they are choreographed and extensively rehearsed or simulated before going into the camera.  The sequencing is supervised by a seasoned fight choreographer who is trained in the fighting movements associated with certain fighting styles.  The Flight Sequence Choreographer is often a martial artists who can develop choreographed movements for the artists or stuntmen to follow, often using real weapons like swords but without injuring themselves.  A resume for this position often needs an extensive videographic portfolio of fight scenes you’ve choreographed.

Fight Sequence Choreographer Resume Template

George Michael F. Anderson

Santa Monica, CA

Phone: 310-113-3446



Looking for Fight Sequence Choreographer position in a repertory cast for a theater or film production company

Summary of Qualification

  • More than 7 decade experience in a Fight Sequence Choreographer in a number of film studios with expertise in Karate action sequencing.
  • Portfolio of fight scenes choreographed available during interview
  • Excellent leadership and interpersonl skills

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Fight Sequence Choreographer, Inner Visions Talents

  • Provide martial arts advice and training for stuntmen assigned for film productions in various action films
  • Develop choreograph fight sequences for actors and actresses to perform as assigned by the company for a film production group.

2002 – 2005:  Fight Stuntman for famous actors, Warner Bros

  • Understand the role of the actor and deliver convincing fight scenes for the actor and make him look good


2003 – Present:  various seminars and workshops conducted by the Actors Screen Guild for stuntmen and fight choreography

2001 – 2003: Red Belt in Karate, Oriental Martial Arts, NY

Professional reference will be furnished upon request