A Farm Laborer works on all kinds of farms. Farm Laborer performs routine tasks which involves the care of animals and crop cultivation. Their specific duties vary, depending on the kind of farm for which he works. Most full-time farm laborers works for the same large farm year-round and smaller farms on a seasonal or day- to- day basis. Aside from their daily duties, farm laborer also maintains and repair farm equipment, repair fences, paint buildings, build sheds and barns.

Farm Laborer Resume Template

Gary Smith

3486 Alley Rd.

Rochester, Minnesota 6345

Phone: (782)365-6531

garysmith5@ rocketmail.com


Responsible and Hardworking person seeking for a position as Farm Laborer

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Good communication skills both in written and oral
  • Works with team and with minimal supervision
  • Familiar with all farm equipments and tools
  • Knowledgeable in Farming work processes
  • High Endurance and patience
  • Knowledgeable in domestic animals and crops
  • Can do repair and maintenance of farm equipments and tools
  • Can do carpentry
  • Ability to understand farm rules and regulations; working safety procedures
  • Ability to multitask

Career Experiences:

2008-2011: Farm Laborer: Best Fresh Farms; Rochester, Minnesota

  • Daily check workloads for harvesting or planting crops
  • Manual harvesting and sorting of crops
  • Record necessary information of the harvested crop and loading it into delivery trucks to the market
  • Daily feed and care for the farm animals, record any observed illness of each animal, if any
  • Check water supply of the farm for watering plants and for animals to drink
  • Check any repair or maintenance of equipments and tools of the farm

2005-2008: Farm Laborer: Dynasty Fruit Farm; Rochester, Minnesota

  • Manual harvest and plant seasonal fruits
  • Check on fruit trees twice in a week
  • Record any observed findings of the  planted fruit bearing trees
  • Sort and weigh-in harvested fruit

Education:  1998-2002: High School Diploma: Rochester High School; Minnesota

Professional references would be provide upon request