Fallers may not be a job that most people want to have because of the high risk of danger and hazards, however, without them, the task of safely cutting down trees for safety and convenience of the public in general will not be accomplished.  Fallers have the ability to foresee hazards posed by unwanted trees and tree debris in a specific area and therefore would have to make plans to cut these trees and remove them from harms path.  They are highly knowledgeable in using axes, wedges and jacks for manipulating operations and they are good in assessing factors such as terrain, site and weather conditions before beginning work.

Fallers Resume Template

Ariel Perkins

678 East Ave.

Californian, 7688

Phone: (878) 908-909



Seeking for a challenging position as Faller

Summary of Qualification

  • Highly experienced as tree faller in different forest and residential areas
  • Highly conscious of safety and knowledgeable in using methods to ensure safety during operations
  • Very dependable in operations especially under emergency conditions
  • Keen sense of making predictions and developing steps to accomplish task
  • Highly responsible and a good team player
  • With excellent health conditions and ready for immediate employment

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Tree Faller, Western Fallers, Inc.

  • Focused on road snagging and clearing operations
  • Cleared roads of unwanted trees in residential areas during cyclones and strong storms
  • Removed snags and felled trees during forest fires
  • Cooperated with other tree fallers in clearing operations
  • Examined area of operations and drafted plans to accomplish task
  • Quickly responded to hand and other signals and controlled the machines for exact positioning


2004-2008: High School Diploma, Northwest High School

2005:  Training and certification in First Aid and Fire Safety, American Association of Tree Fallers

Professional reference will be furnished upon request