The factory worker is the man needed for the unskilled work as no technical and specific education not required of him/her. Any person that can help in some kind of task having a limited education can work in a factory.

There is no previous training required as the related work in factory would require only help in performing not some technical work. Given below is a Factory Resume Template and is helpful for applying the job in the Factories.

Factory Resume Template

Heather Brown

Michelle Street

Lakeside venue, Houston Texas 08286

Phone: (467) 28342397


Wants to be part of team in a reputed organization

Summary of Qualification

  • Good in physical tasks and helping superiors.
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent at team work and friendly with team members
  • Follow ethics and professional attitude towards the assigned tasks

Careers Experience/Job History

2004 till present

Smith and Smith manufacturers

  • Worked as a helper in assembly line
  • Worked with a team of 20 members in the parts selection department
  • Good at physical task
  • Monitoring of computer aided machines
  • Reporting the allotted task to the supervisor


Earl Candy Company

  • Worked as filling candies in packets
  • Lifted boxes from stores to the main production department
  • Helped other members at work
  • Putting labels on the packets
  • Separation of Faulty candies from the rack
  • Placing of packets in the boxes
  • Delivering the boxes to the distribution vehicles and unloading the returned stock.


  • Awarded the friendly employee three times
  • Bonus payment for being an efficient helper to superiors



Secondary school graduate from Saint Joseph School in Florida

Professional Reference will be furnished upon request