The job position of a facility manager involves a lot of duties and responsibilities which are varied in nature. A facility manager helps to provide his services to the support groups of a working organisation such as an office building, commercial buildings etc. This job position may require the candidate to perform duties to ensure the smooth functioning of the area under his/her control. Given below is a sample of a facility manager resume template which can be used as a reference document.

Sample Facility Manager Resume Template

                                                   Facility Manager Professional resume

Name of applicant: ____________[give the full name here]

Mobile number: ______________[give the mobile number here]

Address of applicant: _____________[give the residential address here]

Email address of applicant: _______________[give the email ID here]

Career objective:

Seeking the job position of a facility manager in a hotel by virtue of my ________ [mention the skills or qualifications] so that I can reach my goal of ___________ [mention the goal/aim].

Educational background: [indicate the various educational qualifications in this part of the resume]

  • Obtained bachelor’s degree in ____________ [name of subject] in the year _______ [year].
  • Obtained Post graduation degree in ________ [name of subject] in the year _______ [year].
  • Other courses: __________________________

___________________________[give description of other courses done]

Summary of professional experience:

  • Served as a facility manager from _____ [starting year] to ________ [finishing year] in _________ [name of company].
  • Have worked at ___________ [name of company] as a junior manager for _____ [time span].

Skills and areas of expertise: [mention the various skills or special attributes in this part]

  • ____________
  • ____________
  • ____________
  • ____________