A facility manager is an individual who looks after the maintenance of the various facilities in an organization which include electronic equipments, water line, air conditioners, fire fighting equipments, internet connection etc. He has to inspect the facilities on a timely basis and see if they are in proper working condition. A facilities manager resume template gives an idea about how the resume of an individual applying for the position of a facilities manager should look like. The resume contains educational qualifications, skill sets and other details of the candidate.

Facilities Manager Resume

 Name of the applicant:

Residential Address:

Residential Phone Number:

Mobile Phone Number:

Email id:

Current Employment Status Seeking for:

[ This section provides the personal details of the candidate]

Career goal:

I wish to work in the position of a facilities manager in a ____________________ [type of organization in which the individual wants to work] and apply my _______________ [type of knowledge possessed by the individual that he wants to apply] for the benefit of the organization.

Educational Background:

  • Achieved Bachelor’s degree in _________[ field of specialization] , from ____________[mention the name of the institute] in the year ____________ [passing year]
  • Provided details of other educational qualifications.

Work Experiences: [ Provide details of the earlier job experiences acquired by the candidate]:

  • Worked in the position of a facilities manager in _______________ [name of the employer organization] from ________________ [date of joining] till _______________ [date of leaving].

My job responsibilities were:

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________


[mention in details the various job responsibilities in the organization]