Mostly the resumes which are provided for the nursing job applications are composed in a standard format. It would be much better to have a look at the examples of a nursing resume template to get an idea of how to write your resume. An example of the resume template which can help you in formatting your resume at the time of your job application is as follows.

Your details

You should start your resume with entering the following details.

  • Your name.
  • Street address.
  • House number.
  • ZIP code number.
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address.

Objective statement

Next you have to mention about your objective statement clearly. Some people do not mention this in their resume, but this statement always let you communicate about your career goals clearly to the employer. For example, under this section the candidate can write as “I am looking for a challenging role in a hospital where my skills and knowledge can be developed and utilized”.


Explain briefly about your qualifications that describe the skills which are relevant to the job you are applying for. To this section you can provide headings like skill sets or qualifications summary. The nurses who are in the entry level may skip this as these details will be repeated to a large extent in the rest of their resume.

Professional experience and education

Mention about your education and professional experience. The nurses who have experience will usually mention about their previous work history and the nurses who don’t have any experience and are at the entry level will usually highlight their educational background. Include the following details if you are an experienced nurse.

  • Name of the organization with whom you worked.
  • Name the place, city and the state of where you worked.
  • The employment dates.
  • Job responsibilities.

Education should also include the similar type of chronological and geographical information, and also the important skills you have learned at each of your institutions.


Mention any recognition or awards you have acquired from the organizations which you belong to.