Entomologist is a professional biological scientist who specialized in the study or laboratory work of insects to learn more about their life cycles and processes, as well as their group behavior. Entomologists use scientific instruments and sometimes collect or observe insects in their habitats. Others direct their search toward finding ways to control harmful insects and use desirable insects to advantage. Entomologists work for government agencies in fields such as agriculture and food inspection, professors in colleges and universities, companies that make insecticides and pest control, medical centers and museum. Their specific job description varies depending on the industry they are employed.

Entomologist Resume Template

Kyle Noster

9657 Jack Street

Portland, Maine 8762

Phone: (674)360-1763



Searching for a position of Entomologist in an organization where I can use my skills for its growth and development

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Excellent Communication and leadership quality
  • Ability to confidently guide and direct the staff of the company
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Responsible, goal oriented and hardworking
  • Strong ability to conduct research programs
  • Excellent computer application skills and ability to analyze statistical data
  • Familiar with the new upcoming technologies
  • Innovative

Career Experiences:

2005 To present: Entomologist; Allied Company; Portland, Maine

  • Develop innovative techniques and methods to control insect pest in the farm
  • Introduced new concepts for the welfare of the organization
  • Conducts Trainings and seminars about in demand technologies
  • Develop innovative techniques and to encourage farmers to use these methods to control insect pests in the farm
  • Analyzes and make appropriate reports of insects potential damage to crops and plants

2000-2004: Assistant Entomologist; Portland Research Institute, Maine

  • Check and record natural activities of insects through the use of various scientific instruments
  • Made strategies and techniques in order to trap insects for research
  • Maintain records of research in print and database
  • Handled other tasks assigned

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biology; Portland University, Maine

Professional references would be furnished upon request