For adults and students who want to improve their speaking abilities, either as part of a language course or a self-improvement initiative, they have English Speech Instructors to look forward to in providing the needed instructions and training to achieve their speaking objective.  Some courses like drama and acting, as well as broadcast journalism, have them as part of the curriculum.  Foreign diplomats, politicians and corporate executives can also benefit from English Speech Instructors.

English Speech Instructor Resume Template

Judith T. Swanson

Oak St., Kansas City, Missouri

Phone: (816) 253-3554


To work as an English Speech Instructor for a language institute or courses specializing in enhancing speech

Summary of Qualification

  • More than 10 years experience in the field of English education specializing in the enhancement of English speaking abilities
  • Extensive mastery of the English language in conversational and oratorical speech.

Career Experience/Job History

2000 – Present: English Speech Instructor, Kansas Academy of Speech

  • Work with language faculty head to participate in the design, development or enhancement of speech curriculum in regular and special courses.
  • Modify regular speech courses as required to accommodate to accommodate individual students on a specialized sessions.
  • Meet with students to ascertain and diagnose their speaking patterns, verbal enunciations, vocal projections, facial, hand and body mannerisms and stage confidence levels and provide appropriate feedback and recommendations.
  • Conduct regular extemporaneous and read speeches to gauge progress of learning.
  • Supervise speech clinics in speed labs designed for students to hear themselves as they speak.


2002 – 2004: Masters in Kansas State University

1997 – 2000: BA English, Concordia University, Wisconsin

Professional reference will be furnished upon request