As the name suggests an emergency room nurse has the role of taking care of patients in a medical emergency. The key responsibility of an emergency room nurse is that of understanding the physical and mental condition of the patient in order to arrive at the treatment that needs to be administered. As the role of an emergency nurse is very challenging and demanding the resume should be a well written professional one which can be done with the help of an emergency room nurse resume template.

Sample Emergency Room Nurse Resume Template


Applicant’s name:


Phone number:

Email id:

Date of Birth:

[Specify the personal details of the applicant]

Career Objective:

With my skilled and professional nursing experience and directing capability, I want to secure a position of a chief emergency room nurse at a repute hospital. Moreover, _____________ [elaborate the career objective profusely that would perfectly sync with job requirement]

Educational Background:[list educational qualifications in reverse order]

  • Passed high school degree from _______[name of the institute] on year _________
  • Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from _________[name of the institute] on year _________
  • ____________  [specify the additional educational degrees, if any, has been acquired by the applicant]

Professional Experience: [In this section specify the name of each organization where the candidate has worked earlier on a particular year and the professional duties carried out.]

Worked as _________ [name of the job position] at ________________ [name of the hospital where the applicant has worked] from________ [starting year] to ____ [ending year].

Job Responsibilities included the following:

  • ____________
  • ____________
  • ____________ [specify the duties performed on the particular hospital including medical department]