An elementary teacher is one who teaches to children studying in grades 1 to grades 8. The responsibility of an elementary school teacher is very high as they have to be capable of teaching children on various topics such as social studies, science, language etc. Accordingly the resume of an elementary school teacher has to be one that reflects academic qualifications and excellent teaching skills and this can be done with the help of an elementary teacher resume template.

Sample Elementary Teacher Resume Template

Personal Information – Mention the necessary details in the fields as given below :

Applicant’s name                 ______________

Residential Address             ______________

Phone number                      ______________

Email ID                              ______________

Present Employment Status ______________

Marital Status                       ______________

Date of Birth                        ______________

Career Goal –

My aim is to take up the challenging role of a full-time elementary teacher in an organization that will help me develop my skills and progress along with it.

Educational Qualifications –

  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in ____________ [name of the degree] from ________________ [name of the institute/ university] in the year ____________.
  • Obtained Masters Degree in ____________ [name of the degree] from ________________ [name of the institute/ university] in the year ____________.

Work Experience–

[Here the candidate has to list out all the details of the earlier and present employment by specifically mentioning the key job responsibilities performed as given below]

Job Position Name of the Organization Period of service
Xxxx Xxxx xxxxx

Key Skills as an Elementary Teacher –

[Here the candidate has to mention all the necessary skill that are mandatory for an elementary teacher]

Point wise list all the competencies(Minimum five competencies should be listed)

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Impressive interpersonal skills
  • _________________________
  • _________________________
  • _________________________
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