First impression is always a best impression. As your resume serves as a first communication between you and your employer, you should take an advantage of this chance and carefully prepare your resume in an attractive way. Preparing an effective and compelling resume can always mean the difference between passing over and getting the employment. Here some easy steps for writing a resume are mentioned which will definitely help you in preparing a resume.


Never forget to name your resume with your first name and the last name. It definitely makes your resume to easily identify among several resumes they receive.

Employer perspective

Explain what you can do for their company. Don’t just list your abilities. Research the employer prospective first. Identify what their requirements and match your accomplishments, skills, and education accordingly.

Provide true information

Never exaggerate and lie. If you lie, you might get problems in the future.


Do not include any kind of references. These references are required only after the resume is reviewed and when they discover that you may be suitable for their needs. The second reason for not mentioning the references is that it can be eliminated when there is an overload of references.

Check for accuracy

Be precise and concise. Always double check your resume for grammar and spelling errors. As the resume acts as a gate pass for the interview, you should not commit any kind of mistakes.

Format clearly and impressively

Consider the format. Maintain clean and clear lines and try to make the resume readable. Do not forget that your resume is the very first impression which you create. You should prepare your resume in such a way that it should be interesting and impressive. Mention your career goal. Always use simple and brief sentences, and always be precise.

Work history

Mention your work history along with the joined and end dates of the past employment, the organization or company name and the title of your employment. It would be better to mention these employments according to the chronological order. Try to mention meaningful contributions at every employment, but do not mention the salary details on your resume.