Distributing your Résumé

Your résumé is only good if it lands on the recruiter’s table or PC and gets read.  It achieves its objective if you get a call or email scheduling you for an interview.  That’s right, a résumé, no matter how good, does not aim to get you the job.  It’s a lot more modest as it aims to get just an interview schedule.  From there, you can proceed to a screening exam or further interviews.  The rest is up to you.

So how do you get your résumé achieve as many job interview potentials as possible?  You need to get it to as many companies with job vacancies for your qualification. You can do it blindly, sending out résumé copies via registered mail to all the company HR departments you find in the yellow pages.  Or you can do it the smart way by browsing through companies online for the right vacancies.  Then send an electronic résumé as an attachment to an email to these companies.

Just be sure to conform with their file submission requirement.  The recruitment pages in these online companies can have varying requirements such as crating accounts and personal details or sending the résumé in preferred file formats such as plan text or rich text formats which are immune to virus infection.

There are also online job search databases or online headhunters where you can build your professional profiles by populating their résumé forms or sending a templated format.  A few moments of surfing the employment market online will make clear you need to have a few file versions of your word-processed résumé.


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