There are only a handful of US companies restoring vintage Hollywood films to their original conditions using photochemical, digital recombination and other restoring solutions and this is where the Digital Archive Engineer comes in.  With knowledge in photochemical structure of films based on chemical engineering disciplines and a strong background in high definition digital imaging and video, the Digital Archive Engineer designs and develops the tools and techniques to restore ravaged acetate vintage films to their pristine condition in digital format. A resume for the position may require a portfolio of restored films.

Digital Archive Engineer Resume Template

Engr. Teddy D. Summers

Chula Vista, San Diego, CA

Phone 618-099-9902


To take on a management position as a Digital Archive Engineer for a major film restoration laboratory

Summary of Qualification

  • 7 years of experience as a Digital Archive Engineer specializing in damaged vintage acetate films of the 40s and 50s.
  • Portfolio of restored films available doing interview

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present:  Digital Archive Engineer, TCM Film Restoration

  • Plan, execute and organize all retouching and/or compositing works for classic vintage Hollywood movies under the TCM vaults, Turner’s networks and divisions under the standards defined by the Art and Film editors group.
  • Design the studio lab systems for minor color correction, color breathing, correction misregistration and dirt damage
  • Design the systems for correcting excessive print film graining, lost detail and physical film damage (tear, scratches, etc) via digital interpolation techniques.
  • Coordinate with film producers, directors, cinematographers and film editors on missing print part for assistance in digitally interpolating lost sequences.


1999 – Present:  Various in-house and 3rd party seminars and workshops on high definition digital movie making, film to digital transcription, photochemical color correction in films and film scanning processes.

1999:  Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer

1994 – 1999: BS in Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

Professional reference will be furnished upon request