The template of a resume will depend on the type of resume you are planning to have. There are many basic kinds of resumes which one could have to apply for jobs, but what matters is the kind of job that you are planning to apply for. The template of the resume will depend mainly on the job, so it could be a combination resume or a targeted one.

People with a great work history could opt for the chronological template as this is one where you can list your work experience starting with the latest job first and going down to the first job you held as the last on the list. Most employers like this kind of a template for resumes as they can see what you are doing right now and what your career graph is. Those who have been switching careers or taking long breaks would have to use the functional template as this focuses more on the skills you have rather than on the work experiences you have had. This is because the work experience is not showing a growth in career but the skills make more of an impact.

A combination template is one wherein the skills, experience and the work history are all listed. If your experience is relevant to the job you are applying for then this kind of a resume will help. A targeted resume is one which is especially chalked out for a particular job and your skills and experience are all pertaining to this. Finally there is the mini template which gives a brief summary of your qualifications and career journey.