There are several resume types which are used to apply for different types of jobs. These resume formats are chosen based on the candidate’s personal circumstances. When applying for a job, you should know what is an apt template for that job. There are mainly 3 different types of resume formats which are commonly used at the time of job application. They are functional, chronological or combination.

Here we are explaining about different types of resume formats.

Chronological resume

This is a standard form of a resume that focuses mainly on your work experience which is sorted from least recent to the most recent experiences. The responsibilities of each job (past employment) should be listed out in your resume. These resumes are very helpful for the candidates who have of lot of experience in the work field in which they want to continue and who do not have much gap in their work history.

Functional resume

This kind of resume focuses on your experience and skills, rather than the work history. The candidate often makes use of action verbs to explain his/her abilities which are normally grouped into 3 to 4 main headings. The functional resume is mainly used by the candidates who are changing their careers or who are having gaps in their job history.

Combination resume

This resume is a combination of the functional and chronological resume. The first section of this might highlight the group of skills or relevant skills. The next section may be a chronological list of the jobs in which those skills are demonstrated. In the other way, you can also write the list of skills under each mentioned chronological list of employments.

Profile resume

A resume which consists of the profile section includes a brief explanation of the goals, skills and experiences of the applicant which are related to a particular employment.

The non-traditional resume

This kind of a resume is a version of web-based which may include images, graphs, photos, graphics and other kind of visuals.

Targeted resume

This type of a resume is personalized in such a way that it particularly highlights your skills and experiences that are relevant to the employment which you are applying for. It absolutely requires much work to prepare a targeted resume than to apply with the existing resume.