A dictionary editor researches words that make up a language and he writes and reviews definition to be used in the publication in dictionaries. They work as etymologists and study the origin of words, finding its origins, spelling, syllabication, pronunciation, meaning and usage of words. They also find the words that are new and often used such as “street languages” that are new but are now used by mainstream public to be added to the dictionary.

Dictionary Editor Resume Template

Christine Worthington

4427 Independence SW, Washington

Washington DC, 85475

Phone: (317) 444-3365



Library Science graduate familiar with word and etymology looking for an institution where she can work and hone her skills

Summary of Qualification

  • Inquisitive with a thirst of knowledge
  • Willing to work on extended hours
  • Critical thinker and has attention to detail needed for the chosen field
  • Computer savvy and familiar with MS office application
  • Outstanding knowledge of vocabulary and meaning

Career Experience/Job History

2007 – 2011: Dictionary Editor, Helm Publishing House

  • Researches information of words ranging from the meaning, pronunciation, enunciation and origin for the English Language
  • Handles reviews of word submitted by staffs in the company
  • Disseminates work load and schedules to the staffs in the company
  • Compiles researched information and is responsible for filing and finishing the draft for the word before publication
  • Collaborates with other dictionary editor heads in other publishing companies for the intent to publish new words

2005-2007: Assistant Dictionary Editor, Helm Publishing House

  • Assists supervisor in research of words
  • Handles field research for the origin of words and its uses
  • Makes reports and feasibility study of specific words that are used as jargons but are now entering the mainstream language
  • Suggest new information and possible new word to be added to the dictionary


1998-2002: Bachelor of Arts in Library Science, University of Baltimore

Professional reference will be furnished upon request