The data management resume is important for aspirants seeking a career as data managers. The resume must give special importance to the educational background of the candidate. Employers will also look for professional and training experience with respect to this field which includes data analysis, coding and decoding as well as data manipulation. These necessary details should also be accommodated in the resume. This seemingly daunting task of constructing the resume can be made simpler by using a data management resume template.

Sample Data Management Resume Template

Data Management Resume

Candidate’s Name:


Phone No.:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

[state all personal information accurately]

Career Aim: To seek a position in the data management sector and display my abilities and know-how to improve the overall development of the organization.

Educational Qualifications: [State all qualifications in a chronological manner]

  • Bachelor’s Degree in _________________ [mention field of study], from the _____________________ [state name of institute/ college/ university], ______  [year]
  • Master’s Degree in __________________, from the _________________________, __________ [year]
  • Certification in ___________________________, from __________________, _____ [year]
  • ____________________________________________________________________
    _______________________________________________ [State any other academic qualifications, if any]

Training Experience: [Enumerate the different training courses and internship experiences with respect to this field]

  • ___________________________________
  • ___________________________________
  • ____________________________________

Areas of Expertise: [State all technical skills and abilities relevant to data management field]

  • ___________________________________
  • _______________________________
  • ________________________________

Work Experience: [Mention all employment experiences in detail]

  1.  Employer: _______________
    Role: ___________
    Year of Employment: _______ to _____
  2. Employer: ______________
    Year of Employment: ______ to ______