Another highly competitive profession in the entertainment industry, the dance choreographer has to be really talented and innovative to have his dance sequences stand out and not just emulate or enhance a Michael Jackson moonwalking dance.   Choreographers are dancers schooled or trained in specific dancing styles – ballroom dancing, traditional and free style ballet, tribal, Afro-Caribbean, hip-hop, etc., and have the ability to teach or choreograph dance steps and movements to younger dancers for a stage number, figure skating, dance contest or musical film. A resume for this position will always requires a video portfolio of choreographed dance events.


Dance Choreographer Resume Template

Fanny F. Paine

Foothill Dr., Salt Lake, Utah

Phone: 801-876-2781


A position as a resident dance choreographer for a theater production company

Summary of Qualification

  • More than 5 years experience in performing arts as a dancer and choreographer, specializing in modern ballet and  Afro-Caribbean dance
  • Portfolio of choreographed dances in various events on theater and film to be submitted on interview
  • Excellent verbal communication and instructional skills.


Career Experience/Job History


2005 – Present:  Dance Choreographer,  School of Imagine Ballet Theater

  • Experiment with new dancing movements in the modern free style ballet and Afro-Caribbean styles.
  • Conduct dance classes for theater casts with dancing scenes.
  • Edit dance instructional manuals to keep them updated.
  • Coordinate with building maintenance teams to ensure that rehearsal rooms have properly cleaned floors and mirrors.



2005 – 2006: Certificate in Afro-Caribbean Dance, Academy of Performing and Creative Arts

2003 – 2005: Diploma in Modern Dance, The Julliard School, NY

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.


Entertainment Job Responsibilities