Customize and Use Keywords in Your Electronic Résumé

In today’s age of sophisticated résumé database systems that large companies and online headhunters use, customizing your résumé specific to the job vacancy has become more compelling.  If you use a generic résumé, you could easily miss out on the opportunity to get your resume shortlisted for the job.

The job management software now used by an increasing number of employers across the planet, now numbering more than 1,000, processes templated résumés that allows recruiters online and off to search for candidates with the right qualifications that match their job vacancy requirements.  And the trick in getting your résumé to appear in the search is to have the keywords that are used in the job descriptions of vacant positions.  That means you need to tweak your résumé to contain the right keywords.

These keywords refer to specific mentions of the same word or phrases found in the job requirements such a technology competencies, training and educational background, previous employment, age group or geographic location.  If the job requirement looks for a Java programmer with a certificated training, 5 years of experience, a previous employment or experience in a pharmaceutical company, not older than 35 years and lives in the Atlanta area, then your résumé should have some of these keywords in your résumé.

A perfect match would be to have all these keywords in your résumé, but that’s ideal.  If you’re 30 years old and a Java programmer with 6 years of experience, your résumé can land in the search list if these are the search parameters. Recruiters often start out with a search on the position and if there are many results, they start doing search limits based on these parameters. Having these keywords in your résumé increases your chances that they end up in a parameterized search result.

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