Customer service cashier plays an important role in any retailing shops or any merchandising business. They are responsible for assisting the customer by processing their payments smoothly and also solving any of the issues related to it. Such a job position looks for those individuals who possess significant capability of handling customer payments and can also contribute in business growth by proper customer services. These essential qualities of an individual could be elucidated by the help of a pre-built customer service cashier resume template effectively while applying for such a job position.

Sample Customer Service Cashier Resume Template


Personal Details:

__________________ [candidate’s name]

___________________ [address line 1]

___________________[address line 2]

Email id:

Contact Number:

Career Goals:

With my experience and proficiency of handling point of sale, I wish to acquire a position of customer service cashier through which I could earn customer satisfaction for the organization.

Academic Profile:

  1. Obtained General Education Degree in the year _______________ from __________ [institute]
  2. Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Commerce with Major as _______________[major subject name] in the year _______________ from __________[institute]
  3. ________________________[additional degrees, if any]

Job Experience Profile:

  1. 1.      ___________________________ [organization name]

_________ [start date]-__________ [end date]:_________________[designation]

Duties Accomplished:

  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  1. 2.      ___________________________ [organization name]

_________ [start date]-__________ [end date]:_________________[designation]

Duties Accomplished:

  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________


  • Proficient in handling shelf stocking and inventory orders.
  • Potential of managing the cash and credit card transactions at point of sale.
  • Capable of solving billing related inquiries and discrepancies of customers.

References Available on Request