Criminal Law Clerk Resume Template

A criminal law clerk resume template is a document which forms a guide to the composition of a criminal law clerk resume. This resume must showcase the educational qualifications and the working experience of the applicant. It is noteworthy that the applicant has to perform only a few duties which are truly clerical in nature. More commonly, a criminal law clerk is an intern working under the supervision of a noted and established criminal lawyer, and this clerkship is a means of getting thorough working experience as well as professional insight into the field of criminal law.

Sample Criminal Law Clerk Resume Template:

Criminal Law Clerk Resume

Personal Information:



Contact number: _____________________ email address: _________________________

[Mention the personal and contact details of the aspiring criminal law clerk]

Career objective:

I wish to attain ______________________ [mention the goals of the candidate] in my career as a criminal law clerk, and I believe I have the ____________________________ [mention some qualities relevant to a criminal law clerk] to achieve my goals.

Educational qualifications:

  • Obtained high school diploma in ________________ [year] from ____________[name of institution]
  • Obtained bachelor’s degree in legal studies with specialization in ________________ [name of the major subject] from _________________ [name of institution] in the year ____________________.
  • __________________________ [mention about the further degrees, if any, obtained by the applicant]

Professional skills:

I have the following skills which make me ideal for the post of a criminal law clerk:

  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

[Mention the relevant skills of the aspirant criminal law clerk]

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