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A creative designer is a professional who is entitled to publicize a company as a whole, or its products, in a creative manner to its customers. The medium of advertisement can be print media or electronics media. Irrespective of the medium, the creative designer should make innovative advertisements so that the concerned product is highlighted among the huge mass of similar others. Brilliance in this field is achieved through the right blend of academic qualifications and professional expertise and hence a creative designer resume must be crafted accordingly.

Sample Creative designer resume template

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Information-




Phone No.-

Email ID-

Present Location-

Objective Statement-

Aiming to be a part of a well-known organization where I can put to use my creative skills of ____________ [Specific skill sets] and add value to the organization. I am sure that my innovative designing ideas will be a prized possession for my organization.

Professional Experience-

  1. Worked as an Assistant Creative Designer in ___________ [Name of the Organization] from the year _________ to _________.


  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  1. Worked as _______________ [Designation] in ___________ [Name of the Organization] from the year _________ to _________.


  • _______________________
  • _______________________
  • _______________________

Acaemic Background-

  • Graduated in Designing Studies from ___________________ [Name of the Institute] in the year ___________.
  • Undergone a course on Advertisement Creativity and Product Publicity from ______________ [Name of the Institute] in the year ____________.

Computer Knowledge-

  • [Skill Set 1] – [Proficiency]
  • [Skill Set 2] – [Proficiency]
  • [Skill Set 3] – [Proficiency]


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