Covering Gaps in your Résumé with the Covering Letter

There are situations when a covering letter can do more for you than just summarize your credentials and tease your recruiter to proceed reading your résumé.  If you’re just starting out in the corporate world, for sure your résumé won’t have much substance other than your academic background and few odd summer jobs or engagements while still a student.  This is where the covering letter can shine through to get you noticed.

Another situation is when the body of your résumé gets a bit off with the career objective you have indicated.  Without sounding apologetic or self-demeaning, simply indicate in a straightforward manner why the company can benefit from your career objective that is not supported by your résumé.  It’s possible you are in the middle of a career change and you can point out the fact you’re taking another course which can be overlooked in your academic background.

If you are looking for a management position when your résumé has little or no career background to support your career objective. Again, point this out honestly in your covering letter.  You could direct attention to the fact you’re currently taking a masters degree in business administration or management and that your current employer has no management vacancy at the moment.  It’s also possible you have extracurricular activities in your community, parish or rotary club where you have management responsibilities on certain projects.  This may not show up in your work experience with your current employment but you can simply point this out in your covering letter.

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