Cover letter is one of the very important documents when you decide to search for a job. But job seekers ignore such an important document. Cover letter is the job seekers way of establishing a communication.

There are hundreds of resumes received by the hiring manager for any vacant position and all these resumes are more or less similar in skills and qualifications. But it is the cover letter that makes the difference. You should write a cover letter in such a way that it gives overview of your strengths in brief and crisp way.

Cover Letter Template

Jimmy Carter

HR Manager

New Age Financial Consultants Inc

Dear Mr. Carter,

I came across the advertisement, for the position of Financial Consultant in your esteemed organization, dated 3td March 2010. I am confident that I fit into the job description as mentioned in the advertisement due to my experience of more than 4 years as a Financial Consultant specialized in federal tax laws.

I have present many papers at national level conferences on the relation between effective internal financial management and profits. Many of clients with whom I have worked have appreciated my extensive knowledge in the federal financial laws and procedures. I have been successful in suggest various procedures and processes for better financial management of the company.

As I am sure I can fit the vacant position in your company and can deliver the expected performance by the company, I am forwarding you my CV for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Finn


Sample Cv