Court Reporters documents court proceedings by either using stenotype or shorthand machine or manually taking notes in shorthand.  They record, store and file trial proceedings and other information necessary for review and for record purposes upon the request of the individuals involved in a trial.  They may operate a more modern stenography equipment for the benefit of those who follow the proceedings through broadcast.

Court Reporter Resume Template

Melissa Ashton

7882 Winter Ave.

California, 7687

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Experienced and highly organized individual seeking for a position as Court Reporter

Summary of Qualification

  • Highly logical, keen on details and possesses keen observation skills
  • Very good communication skills with the ability to follow instructions and orders according to goals
  • Very accurate in taking notes of court proceedings and events
  • Knowledgeable in the use of stenotype machines and other technologies for making transcripts
  • With the ability to assist judges in clarifying recorded and transcribed transcripts

Career Experience/Job History

2007-2008: Court Reporter, California High Court

  • Took shorthand notes and steno notes of court proceedings including controversial and high media attention cases
  • Effectively used computerized stenographic captioning equipment for cases that were pre-recorded and live broadcasts
  • Filed and recorded shorthand notes and verified its accuracy with recordings
  • Transcribed audio recordings as necessary for details and verification of facts and data
  • Utilized computer software such as voice recognition, audio recorder, equative time ledger and vocEdit to assist in verbatim transcriptions of the proceedings
  • Created an organized information storage and retrieval of gathered and recorded information
  • Categorized information and easily detected changes in circumstances and events and put all of these details on the record


2004-2008: Bachelor of Science in Court Reporting, University of California

Professional reference will be furnished upon request