Personal Details:

Name: Bradley West
Address: 9873, ABC Street, XYZ Avenue,
(987) 654-3210
Email Id: bradleywest88

Objective: Seeking a post in the top retail outlet to work as a costume attendant.


Extremely creative costume attendant and has huge experience in helping performers and models manage their costumes. Managing and keeping a track of the costume changes made by the performers and other artists during the show.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Exceptional analytical reasoning and crisis management skills and can solve problems very quickly.
  • Excellent ability to provide good judgment under pressure.
  • Highly well organized Customer service representative.
  • Outstanding customer service skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in harmony with performers and artists in a fast-paced,  and creative environment.
  • Intensive ability to follow technical instructions and follow and complete work under a lot of pressure.

Professional Experience

Worked as a Costume attendant at Quantum Art Studio, Avon Park, FL, USA, from 2004 till date.

  • Taking care of the fitting and select specific costumes for specified artists and performers.
  • Arranging costumes in appropriate manner so that a performer can make lot of costume changes quickly during show.
  • Performed most significant role to ensure that every show goes smoothly and looks as better as possible.
  • The costumes cleaning and pressing tasks needs to be assigned prior and after every performance to maintain the clothes.
  • Keep a track or an outline of the costumes by preparing special charts, notes and lists that help to make an outline that should change the costume at what point in between the show.
  • Assigning dressing rooms and lockers to performers and organizing and maintaining dressing rooms, laundry areas and costume storage spaces.
  • Keeping a  track of all the items under proper care.
  • Responsible for any essential minor repairs and making necessary repairs to costumes including small tears and replacing buttons.
  • Keeping in mind the condition of costume, and fitting needs of performers and Artists essential alterations.


  • Bradford High School, FL, USA (2002 )
  • Diploma course in International Academy of Design and Technology (2004).