Correctional Treatment Specialists work as psychologists and psychiatrists in a correctional facility.  They check-up and assess the overall well-being of correctional inmates and diagnose if there are those who would require special medical treatment of therapies. Correctional Treatment Specialists recommend therapeutic treatments as well as medical treatments to patients and regularly holds routine check-ups.  As specialists, they are expected to be experts in handling various cases in the correctional facility.

Correctional Treatment Resume Specialist Template

Wendy Moore

8273 Sunshine Ave.

Alabama, 9098

Phone: (212) 210-2100


Very responsible individual seeking for a challenging position as Correctional Treatment Specialist in a correctional facility

Summary of Qualification

  • With commendable years of experience in treating correctional inmates
  • Excellent observation skills and keen with details in recording observations
  • Emotionally stable and with good communication and interaction skills
  • Very persevere and patient in dealing with patients with varying disability problems seeking for comfort
  • Highly dependable and can work in cooperation with other specialists
  • With good teaching and instruction skills

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – present: Correctional Treatment Specialist, Move Correctional Center

  • Evaluates  patients and drafted their individual records and diagnosis
  • Gave recommendations and instructions for the treatment of the patient’s disabilities
  • Developed routines for the rest and recreation area for patients in the correctional facility
  • Speedily reported any significant observations with patients and religiously updated their files
  • Made parent conferences and took note of parent observations to be integrated in the patient’s program

2006 – 2008: Company Doctor, Hammers Manpower, Inc.

  • Evaluated applicants for overseas and recommended the approval or denial of their applications
  • Had check-ups with employees and gave out therapies and medicine instructions to those with disease diagnosis


2002-2008: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine, University of Alabama

2008: Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy, University of Alabama

Professional reference will be furnished upon request