Content Writer Resume Template

A content writer is responsible for writing, editing and updating the content on various topics as per needs and requirements of the clients. A content writer can work for magazine, newspaper, internet or for other sources. . A content writer resume template helps an individual applying for the position to draft an effective resume. These types of templates help the candidate to showcase their skills, experience and qualifications in an impressive manner.

Sample Content writer Resume Template

Content Writer Resume

________________________ [name of the applicant]


To work in the position of a content writer in a reputed ___________ [type of organization in which the applicant wants to work] and make best use of my writing skills.

Skills summary:

  • Good writing skills
  • Creative Skills
  • Capable of writing articles on various topics
  • Other skills
  • Other Skills.

[mention in details the list of skills sets possessed by the applicant]

Professional experience:

From __________ [year of joining] to present in the position of a content writer in _______________ [name of the employer organization]. My duties and responsibilities are:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ____________________
  • __________________

Published Work: [ Use this space to provide the details of the published work of the candidate]

  • Name of the magazine where the article is published
  • Name of the site where the content is published.
  • Other space where the articles are published.

Other information:

Father’s Name: ______________

Date Of Birth: ______________

Marital Status: ______________

Home Address: ______________

Cell Phone: ______________

HomeĀ  Phone: ______________

Permanent E-Mail Id: ______________

Nationality: ______________

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