A construction foreman is basically a person who is responsible for arranging and installing various systems and subsystems at a site for a construction company. It involves visiting sites and responsibly carving out material requirements essential for the project. Arithmetic accuracy is a must in this job and experience plays a vital role in this field of work. Therefore, a construction foreman resume must be drafted with care giving the required importance to both academics and experience.

Sample Construction Foreman Resume Template


[Provide all the personal details]

Applicant’s name:

Address of the Applicant:

Contact  number:

Employment Status:

Career Objective:

Seeking for a position of a construction foreman through my _____________ [specify a personal career statement that is best matched with company’s intention]. I am sure that my skills and experience will pave the path for my company’s growth.

Work History: [Experiences are important pre-requisites of this job along with formal education.]

  1. On ___________ [name of the organization], worked in the position of _____[earlier job position], _____ – ______ year.

Job  Duties Accomplished:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  1. On ___________ [name of the organization] worked in the position of _____[earlier job position], _____ – ______ year.

Job Duties Accomplished:

  • ___________________
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

Education: [mention all the educational degrees acquired by the candidate]

  • Graduation in Construction Management from ________________ [name of institute] in the year ____________.
  • Diploma in carpentry, plumbing and electrical work from ________________ [name of institute] in the year ____________.
  • Secured high school degree from ________[institute’s name], ________[year]