Resume for Sales Engineer job is to be done in a simple language and should be brief so that the recruiter is able to spend least time to read the contents and assess the suitability of the candidate. Application should preferably accompany a cover letter which should be brief and the details of qualification and other particulars should form an attachment thereto. Both the cover letters and the attachment should conspicuously mention that the application made is for entry level or experienced positions to enable the recruiters’ staff to segregate the applications accordingly within the least possible time since time is a precious element for every one in any organization. 

Computer Engineer Resume Template

Gracy Smith

78, North Avenue Complex


Career Objectives: To get acclimatized with advanced technologies and become an expert in this field.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Proficient in basic and advanced hardware and software development knowledge;
  • Proficiency in hardware maintenance including troubleshooting.

Career Experience/Job History

2007 to date – University of Birmingham

  • As Systems Administrator to look after maintenance and troubleshooting computer systems, software, hardware, internet, intranet and extranet.
  • As Systems Administrator trainee and understood the paradigm of main server control from where the entire system operates.


2003-2007  University of Birmingham

  • Degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering scoring 89% aggregate marks.
  • Diploma in software and hardware technologies from Computer Society International, Birmingham

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