Commercial Divers work within the water environment below and on its surface.  They use scuba gear to implement different tasks given to them such as installing equipment and structures, repairing instruments or removing and clearing certain parts of the water and underwater.  They use scuba diving gear to protect themselves and to guard their health from risks taken from working in water.


Commercial Diver Resume Template


Brandon Willis

9090 Dominican St.

Columbia, 78989

Phone: (212) 210-2100



Very responsible and physically fit individual seeking for a challenging position as Commercial Diver

Summary of Qualification

  • With Professional Diver’s Certification from certification board
  • Excellent diving skills and knowledgeable in diving protocols and water health and safety measures
  • With the ability to plan course of work and work with a team who will implement specific tasks
  • Knowledgeable in the function and maintenance of water equipment
  • Highly dependable and works well in a group
  • Strong physique and with good health conditions

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Commercial Diver, Freelance

  • Commissioned to install water tanks for fishing pens using sea vehicle equipment
  • Repaired and replaced parts of a video machine underwater for a monitoring company and worked with a team to accomplish it
  • Performed regular maintenance of facilities of a scientific expedition
  • Made and worked for plans and processes to resolve and implement tasks

2004 – 2008: Physical Education Assistant, Fairfield University

  • Assisted the Physical Education Instructor in the implementation of training for athletes
  • Maintained the condition of sport facilities and equipment
  • Served as assistant coach to the badminton team and assisted players in tournaments
  • Coached the swimming team of the university


2000-2004: Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, University of Columbia


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.