Collection Supervisors manages the overall operations of the collections department in a company.  They ensure that bill collectors are prompt and responsible in gathering payables from customers by constant follow-ups and reminders.  Collection Supervisors coordinate all activities from the drafting of bills and readjustments to the on-field collections and transactions with collection outlets such as banks and agencies. They review delinquent accounts and determine whether they can still be considered for payment terms.

Collection Supervisor Template

Anne Pasena

876 Monroe St.

Arkansas, 76889

Phone: (878) 908-909


Hard working and dependable individual seeking for a job as Collection Supervisor

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and can direct staff activities towards goals
  • Knowledgeable in accounting and finance management
  • With skills in managing and training staff for efficient implementation of tasks
  • Exceptional in developing and implementing collection strategies to maximize returns
  • Very dependable and can start work immediately

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Collection Supervisor, Monroe Parks and Wildlife

  • Managed a collection staff of 15 and supervised their daily operations
  • Reviewed and evaluated existing accounts and identified customers as candidates for penalties and revocation of services
  • Designed a more efficient collection strategy using teams to work on individual accounts with delinquencies
  • Drafted reports of collection status and revenues earned and presented these to the management
  • Trained staff in customer service and handling special accounts
  • Provided leadership to meet established goals and support the company’s vision

2004-2008: Collection Officer, Oaks Water Deliveries

  • Reviewed accounts and drafted bills for customers
  • Called and emailed customers with outstanding balances and payables
  • Identified delinquent accounts and reported to the head officer for appropriate action


1998-2002: Bachelor of Science Finance, University of Arkansas

Professional reference will be furnished upon request