Clinical Psychiatrists are physicians specialized in providing health care to the mentally disabled.  They evaluate patients suspected of harboring mental and psychological dysfunctions and confirm their psychosis, neurosis and schizophrenic severity.  A positive diagnosis is certain to call for a treatment regimen that can fall into psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, cranial surgery or psychotropic medication.  Working in private practice or in mental institutions, Clinical Psychiatrists are also consulted for testing alleged criminals claiming temporary insanity.

Clinical Psychiatrist Resume Template


Dr. Gary C. Meyer, PhD.

Sweetwater, Miami, Florida

Phone:  (305) 567-5998


To work as a Clinical psychiatrist for a large mental institution


Summary of Qualification

  • 15 years of experience in clinical psychiatry
  • High analytical and reasoning skills in evaluating mental and psychological conditions
  • Excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills

Career Experience/Job History


1997 – Present: Clinical Psychiatrist, Private Practice

  • Casually engage patients in informal discussions or psychiatric session on a regular basis to gauge their mental and psychological condition.
  • Conduct psychotherapy sessions with patients who show promise in being treated wit behavioral modification, otherwise, a more drastic prescription is made.
  • Conduct psychoanalytic sessions with patients suffering neuropathic or psychopathic behaviour.
  • Visit and counsel trauma patients as requested by attending physicians
  • Maintain database of patient psychiatric records and ensure confidentiality of patient records.


1995 – 1997:  Doctorate in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

1993 – 1995:  Internship at the Oxford University Medical Center,

1990 – 1993:  College of Medicine, Oxford University

1987 – 1990:  BS in Psychology, Lewisham College, London


Professional reference will be furnished upon request


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