A chemist is a trained individual who is responsible for optimising the available chemical compositions, initiating various chemical tests on chemical compounds, analyzing and planning out the new chemical formulas. A chemist takes care of diverse laboratory procedures, records the chemical outcomes of conducted experiments and carries out the new research programs. This CV is effectively drafted to guide the candidates who are willing to apply for a chemist job position.   With the help of a chemist resume template a candidate can draft an effective resume so as to showcase his skill as well as experience.

Sample Of Chemist Resume Template:

Chemist Resume

Personal Contact details: [Give here the contact details by filling the necessary blanks]

Name: __________

Current Address: ________

Permanent Address: ______

Phone Number1: __________

Phone Number2: __________

E-mail id: ______________

Resume Objective: To obtain a position as a chemist with a dynamic and leading organization where I can perform with effectiveness and competency by my meeting the challenging goals.

Educational Background: [Provide the academic background of the candidate by writing the following details]

Year of Passing College/ University Degree
______________ ________________ Bachelors of  Science
______________ ________________ Master of Science in Chemistry

Candidature Experience: [Here provide the employment outline of the candidate]      

  • _________ [mention the years of tenure]: I have worked with_____________[name of the employer] as an assistant chemist
  • _________ [write the year of tenure]: I have served _________ [name of the organization] as a chemist

Summary of Job Duties Performed: [In this section, carefully mention all job responsibilities performed by the contender during the previous job tenures]  

  • _________________
  • ________________

Professional Skills: [specify the skills, abilities and knowledge of the candidate in this section]

  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Impressive knowledge of physical and chemical properties
  • Ability to perform under tight deadlines
  • __________
  • __________