Ceramics engineers are essentially chemical engineers specialized in the formulation of ceramics and the design and development of commercial production methods and facilities to meet various applications for consumers and industries.  They can be construction ceramic tiles for floors and walls or ceramics for dental prosthetics, kitchen and dinner wares and electronic applications such as ceramic heads in audio recording.

Ceramics Engineer Resume Template

Engr. Gabrielle G. Lathers

West Vill., New York City

Phone: 212-556-6678



To be a lead Ceramics Engineer in a large manufacturing company focused on consumer products

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 8 years of experience as ceramics engineer, first in a tile company, then in a dinnerware making company.
  • Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills

Career Experience / Job History

2006 – Present:  Ceramics Engineer, Asguard Ceramic Dinnerware.

  • Develop and implement production improvements for cost-effective ceramic dinnerware molding and mass production.
  • Examine quality control statistical results to identify problem points.
  • Develop design printing processes that are more long lasting after a thousand plate washings.

2002 – 2006:  Ceramics Engineer, Century Tile Builders, Inc.

  • Work with planning and design staff on formulation and designing of ceramic tiles for bathroom and kitchen floors and walls.
  • Develop and implement production improvements for cost-effective ceramic tile manufacturing.
  • Conduct and document stress testing of tiles.


2002 – Present: various in house trainings and seminars on modern ceramic manufacturing technologies

2002:  Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer

1997 – 2002:  Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Yale University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request