Cellphone or Mobile Phone Technicians troubleshoot and repair cellphones and smartphones.  They are basically trained as electronics technicians who have specialized in mobile telecommunication gadgets to serve the growing market of cellphone users.  Not all cellphones are worth the trouble as most of them are essentially throwaways.  But mid-priced to high end units can often be repaired when problematic and their useful lives extended for a fraction of the price of getting a new one in the same class.

Cellphone or Mobile Phone Technician Resume Template

Donald V. Chang

Embarcadero, San Diego, CA

Phone: (618) 312-1443



To work as a Cellphone or Mobile Phone Technician for the service center of a telecoms company or telecom retail business.

Summary of Qualification

  • 6 years experience in maintaining consumer electronic products specializing in mobile gadgets with the last 5 years focused on the repair of cellphones and smartphones.
  • Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Thorough knowledge in the GSM and CDMA mobile telephone technology.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present: Mobile Phone Technician, Smartec Telecoms Service Center, CA

  • Observe regular work shifts for optimum productivity.
  • Discuss with client and document problems encountered with cellphone unit
  • Provide free troubleshooting and repair estimates for client approval
  • Ensure that center has replacement kits and spare parts for any planned repair and order these from manufacturers as required.
  • Open, disassemble, repair, replace parts, and reassemble units when done.
  • Test repaired units and advise clients when they can retrieve their units.

2002 – 2005:  Freelance Electronics Technician, LA

  • Document repair work done and parts replaced for accurate billing
  • Perform troubleshooting and repair of household electronic gadgets as required.


2004 – 2005:  Associate in Cellular Technology, St Paul Community College, LA

2001 – 2002:  Associate in Consumer Electronics, DeVry University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request