A Ceiling Tile Installer mounts shock and sound absorbing tiles to the ceilings and walls. The tiles, strips, panels and wall papers are to be fit and cut for installation. Most installations are done on office buildings, movie theaters and clubs but can be also installed in home for new and old structures. They follow blueprints and models to imitate the plans assigned by architectures and engineers.

Ceiling Tile Installer Resume Template

Shannon Hayes

4475 Midland St, San Angelo

TX, 77548

Phone: (724) 845-1240



Highly talented and experienced ceiling tile installer seeking to be contracted for installation by a construction company

Summary of Qualification

  • Excellent skills in installation of ceiling tiles using various materials
  • Great knowledge in interpreting and executing blueprints and plans for ceiling and wall structure
  • Profound skill in using different tools in installation of ceiling tiles
  • Excellent familiarity with responsibility of a ceiling tile installer like climbing, lifting, balancing, stooping and mounting different sizes and shapes of ceiling tiles
  • Immense ability In working under minimal supervision
  • Willing to work on extended hours and flexible on time schedules

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – 2011: Ceiling Tile Installer, J J Matthews Construction Company

  • Handles installation for different companies and institution of ceiling tiles
  • Operates light and heavy machineries to aid in the installation process
  • Measures, cuts, shapes and finishes tile materials to fit in the installation
  • Places cements and adhesives at the back of the tile and apply pressure to fit into place and joints of the ceiling
  • Repaired ceiling tiles for companies with damaged ceiling and in need of restoration or upgrades
  • Cleans installed tiles and marble finishes after installation


2001-2005: High School Diploma, St Joseph Catholic School

Professional reference will be furnished upon request