Sales Resume Templates

Sales resume should elicit result.  Career summary section in a sales resume should contain your contributions and achievements.  Your potential employer should grasp your sales capabilities from your CV.  Sales... Read More

Sales Specialist Resume Template

A sales specialist is an individual who is responsible for carrying out duties like selling and managing the sales team and placing orders of the products. They should have complete... Read More

Entry Level Sales Resume Template

An entry level sales professional is an individual who joins the sales department of an organization in an entry level position. He is responsible for meeting the sales target given... Read More

Functional Sales Resume Template

A functional sales professional is an individual who directs and motivates staff to come up with effective sales techniques so that profit levels in an organization are maintained. His job... Read More

Technical Sales Resume Template

An individual working in the field of technical sales has to look after the technical as well as sales aspect of the organization. The individual needs to possess technical knowledge... Read More

Sales Executive Resume Template

A sales executive is an individual who works in the sales department of an organization and is responsible for selling the products manufactured by the organization. The sales executive directly... Read More

Sales Administrator Resume Template

A sales administrator is an individual who is responsible for the managing the sales division of an organization effectively. He is responsible for managing the sales record and coordinating with... Read More

Real Estate Manager Resume Template

A real estate manager is an individual who is responsible for managing a real estate company and its properties. These individuals looks after various different types of properties including commercial... Read More

Real Estate Broker Resume Template

A real estate broker is an individual who helps in finalizing property deals by ensuring the sale of the real estate. When a person wants to buy a property, he... Read More

Real Estate Appraiser Resume Template

A real estate appraiser is an individual who gives his opinion about a certain property value or estimating the real value of a property which includes land, buildings and natural... Read More

Professional Sales Resume Template

A sales professional is an individual who specializes in selling products at. His responsibility is to get as many customers possible for the benefit of the organization and also meet... Read More

Correspondence Clerk Resume Template

Correspondence Clerks possess a very important role in many industries and offices as they are tasked to keep all activities of the office in order.  They are experts in paper... Read More

Business Coach Resume Template

A Business Coach is a highly motivational person who has excellent leadership skills.  He is very knowledgeable in the theories and practice of business theories and principles and uses this... Read More