Nursing Resume Templates

Nursing jobs are perhaps one of the most wanted and most esteemed professions today. The urge to serve and nurse people have driven many a Florence Nightingales to pursue a... Read More

New Nurse Resume Template

A new nurse is one who is skilled in patient care with good knowledge of medicines and equipments. The role of a new nurse is not limited to any specific... Read More

Travel Nurse Resume Template

Travel nurse is one who provides care to the travelling patients who suffer from various ailments or illnesses. Their primary role of travel nurse is to take care of the... Read More

Emergency Room Nurse Resume Template

As the name suggests an emergency room nurse has the role of taking care of patients in a medical emergency. The key responsibility of an emergency room nurse is that... Read More

Registered Nurse Resume Template

A registered nurse is one who has certification in practical nursing with a nurse registration number. The primary role of a registered nurse is taking care of the patients, their... Read More

Graduate Nurse Resume Template

A graduate nurse is one who has completed formal training in a nurse training school and acquired a bachelor’s or an Associate’s degree. The graduate nurse has the key responsibility... Read More

Student Nurse Resume Template

A student nurse is one who spends the time of their nursing training in clinical education in various hospitals before being certified as a nurse. The key responsibilities of a... Read More

ICU Nurse Resume Template

An ICU nurse is one who takes care of the patients in the critical care unit of a hospital. An ICU nurse should be highly skilled to be able to... Read More

Nursing Student Resume Template

Nursing students are ones who are trained in the skill of nursing patients. They have the responsibility of helping the patients to recover fast from their sickness. They help the... Read More

Nursing Assistant Resume Template

A nursing assistant provides assistance and care to ailing patients. The key responsibility of the nursing assistant is to provide routine care to the patients along with reporting the status... Read More