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Media Resume Templates

Media resume templates provide the layout for the composition of a media resume, by which we mean the resume of an individual desirous of making it in the field of media. Since the field is so wide and diverse, including within its ambit all forms of media like print media, visual media, radio etc., the […]

Managing Editor Resume Template

A managing editor plays an important role in publishing services by overseeing the routine manuscript coordination, publishing planning & editorial activities and budget & staffing for the publication services. In order to draft an effective resume for this job position, a managing editor resume template plays an important role. Sample Of Managing Editor Resume Template: […]

Radio Producer Resume Template

A radio producer is a creative professional, who creates the radio shows, takes care of business & commercial management and generates innovative ideas to promote different radio programs as per audience’s interests. This radio producer CV template guides the interested candidates to design a professional radio producer resume in order to acquire this job position. […]

Radio Announcer Resume Template

A radio announcer is a trained individual, who is responsible for announcing all important information related to commercial, public, corporate, sport and weather news on radio channels. A radio announcer resume template is used by the candidate in order to draft an impressive resume that is capable of showcasing the skill sets as well as […]

News Reporter Resume Template

A news reporter provides valuable inputs on current affairs, investigate leads, observe on various scenes, looks at documents and takes interview of people for the betterment of society. A reporter works in day and night to produce a finished material in conjunction with the news agency and keeps you updated on the latest information all […]

Videographer Resume Template

A videographer is an individual who is professionally trained in the field of video production, recording and broadcasting programming to perform multiple and diverse videography functions. This professional engages in producing electronic news, live videos and event photography by using different electro- magnetic devices such as disks and video tapes, etc. To acquire a job […]

Event Planner Resume Template

An event planner is an individual who is responsible for coordinating various activities related to event planning and also ensuring that all the planned tasks for an event are executed properly.  They are at times also responsible for managing the budget of the concerned event. An event planner resume template is a readymade document that […]

Creative Writer Resume Template

A creative writer is an individual who creates various creative writing works on various topics which may be fictional as well as non fictional. They usually write stories, poems and novels and also give review of books. They need to be very creative in nature and aware about the various happenings in the world. A […]

Content Writer Resume Template

A content writer is responsible for writing, editing and updating the content on various topics as per needs and requirements of the clients. A content writer can work for magazine, newspaper, internet or for other sources. . A content writer resume template helps an individual applying for the position to draft an effective resume. These […]

Channel Manager Resume Template

A channel manager is an individual who is responsible for development of a channel in the field of media. His job duties are to maintain, contact and establish a good relationship with the sellers or sponsors. He has to coordinate with the other departments of the organization and take care of development of the programs […]