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Marketing Resume Templates

Marketing is a very interesting field because of the constant challenge it offers.  It always keeps you on the tip of your toes.  To win a customer over the other competitors requires techniques and strategies to counter the moves of others.  You have to be alert always.   There are a lot of opportunities in this […]

Marketing Executive Resume Template

A marketing executive is an individual who works in the marketing department of an organization and sell the products offered by the organization.  He has to ensure that he meets the sales target that he has been given and needs to possess excellent marketing skills.  A marketing executive resume template is used by the candidates […]

Marketing Student Resume Template

A marketing student is an individual who has completed his/her studies with specialization in marketing subjects. After completing their studies these students can apply for various types of jobs in the marketing field. While applying for the job, the students needs to make sure that they draft an effective resume so as to get the […]

Functional Marketing Resume Template

An individual working in the field of functional marketing needs to develop marketing campaigns for the purpose of customer satisfaction. They are also responsible for developing an online marketing presence for the client. A functional marketing resume template is a ready to use document that helps the candidate to draft an effective resume. These templates […]

Market Research Analyst Resume Template

A market research analyst is an individual who analyses the research done for the market in which the employer organization is venturing into.  He has to analyze consumer behavior from available information and make presentations and also supply market information to the higher management for press releases as well as for promotions. A market research […]

Marketing Analyst Resume Template

A marketing analyst is an individual who is responsible for analyzing the current market trends and customer needs and requirements. Their job is also to communicate with existing as well as prospective clients and understanding the objectives of the business. All the customer information is maintained by them and the designs for research are also […]

Field Marketing Representative Resume Template

A Field Marketing Representative are responsible for soliciting and selling advertising space, time or media in publications, TV, radio or even the internet. They handle field operations such as encouraging customers or companies to advertise and also explain what applicable process and type would be beneficial for their company. They also handle leases for outdoor […]

Business Partner Resume Template

Business Partners are those who are willing to invest in an existing company and take part in the management as well as ownership.  They are excellent when it comes to drafting business plans as they try to protect their investment.  Business Partners enter in agreements and contracts with other business owners in the hope of […]

Marketing Brand Manager Resume Template

A Marketing Brand Manager is responsible for managing the marketing strategy for the company. He makes sure that advertisement and visibility of the brand name is reaching its target consumers. He also has the responsibility to make sure that the brand title is keeping up with the changing demand of consumers and also the public […]

Marketing Researcher Resume Template

A Market Researcher handles analysis collection and feasibility studies that would be used by organizations for research, product development or enhancements to help their companies. Their responsibility is to make quantitative and qualitative analyses of raw data like using questionnaires given to the public so as to arrive at a conclusive reports to be presented […]