Web Developer Resume Template

A web developer is an individual who is responsible for developing websites as well as web based applications using various languages and software. They have to make a note of... Read More

Software Developer Resume Template

A software developer is an individual who has to carry out the responsibility of developing software and software applications for a client or for internal use of the organization. They... Read More

Java Developer Resume Template

An individual working in the position of a Java developer has to carry out the job duties of creating web applications, websites and interfaces using the Java platform. It is... Read More

IT Security Resume Template

An IT security professional is an individual who has to carry out the duty of researching, developing, implementing, testing and reviewing the information security of organization. They do so in... Read More

IT Administrator Resume Template

An IT administrator is responsible for administering the technical functions of an IT company or the IT department of an organization. They have to ensure that all the systems of... Read More

IT Internship Resume Template

An IT internship candidate is one who is working in an IT organization as a part time employee in order to gain practical knowledge of working on systems. The role... Read More

IT Business Analyst Resume Template

An IT business analyst is one who is responsible for providing expert advice on the technological development to be undertaken in a technology based organization. The knowledge and technical skills... Read More

IT Programmer Resume Template

An IT programmer is one who converts the data into code for a specific computer program according to the project requirements. The key responsibilities of an IT programmer include evaluation... Read More

IT Consultant Resume Template

An IT consultant is a person who provides consultancy services as an information technology specialist. The primary responsibilities of an IT consultant include designing of new technology and its implementation,... Read More

IT Developer Resume Template

An IT developer is one who is engaged in the process of developing new software on behalf of the company. The key responsibilities include devising software structures, programming languages etc.... Read More

IT Resume Templates

IT – Information Technology, the fast developing field now, is in need of employees.  It is a very good sector for the eligible candidates to apply for a job.  IT resume... Read More

Operations Analyst Resume Template

The job of an operation analyst is to review and analyze the business models of organizations and develop new strategies to fix the deficiencies found. They audit files and interview... Read More

Information Analyst Resume Template

The task of an information analyst is to analyze and review an organization’s information system and ensure that they function properly and satisfy the required data integrity and security standards.... Read More