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HR Resume Templates

HR resume templates are specimen CVs that you can make use of if you are applying for a job in the Human Resources department.  Each job requires a custom made resume.  The jobs in human resource category are challenging.  The resumes also should stand the challenge.   HR resume templates will help you to prepare the […]

Hiring Manager Resume Template

The hiring manager is an official who is responsible for charting out suitable candidates from the group of applicants and hiring of individuals for various different job positions offered by the company. These officials are judged on certain intellectual parameters, which are collected from their resumes. Hence the resume for this post must be concise […]

HR Supervisor Resume Template

An HR supervisor is an individual whose major responsibility is to supervise the work of all the employees and maintain discipline in the office compound. He/ she is required to possess a certain minimum level of education and also a set of skills which makes him/her suitable for the position. The HR Supervisor Resume Template […]

Senior HR Executive Resume Template

A senior HR executive is an individual who is responsible for coordinating the employee base of the respective firm. The official needs a set of educational qualifications and must also possess certain skills to handle the duties associated with this job position. The individual must prepare a proper resume for the purpose of displaying his/ […]

HR Business Partner Resume Template

An HR business partner resume template must be a framing document for the curriculum vitae of an HR business partner. The chief task of an HR business partner is to manage the affairs of a corporate firm on a day to day basis and keep himself updated on the financial aspects of his company. This […]

Payroll Coordinator Resume Template

A payroll coordinator is an employee of a company who is responsible for the planning and controlling of all the aspects which are required to be handled while deciding the pay scale of different job designations. They are required to maintain and control the payroll systems and perform a set of other related duties as […]

Job Placement Officer Resume Template

A job placement officer is an employee of a company who is hired for the job placements of employees in that company. This job position is associated with the hiring or recruiting of candidates and handling and supervising of the entire placement cell of the company. A person who wishes to acquire this job position […]

Human Resource Recruiter Resume Template

A human resource recruiter is an employee of the human resource department of a company who is given the task of the recruitments processes. This job position requires the recruiter to hire people on the basis of their suitability for the given job position. To apply for this job position, one needs to have a […]

Compensation Manager Resume Template

A compensation manager is an employee of a company who is appointed for the main purpose of establishing and working on the pay system of the company. Compensation managers are required to devise ways through which there can be a fair pay policy for the employees.  To apply for this job position, one needs to […]

Facility Manager Resume Template

The job position of a facility manager involves a lot of duties and responsibilities which are varied in nature. A facility manager helps to provide his services to the support groups of a working organisation such as an office building, commercial buildings etc. This job position may require the candidate to perform duties to ensure […]