Military Police Resume Template

A military police professional is a security officer responsible for carrying out activities to ensure safety of the civilians. The resume of such professional must be developed in such a... Read More

Army resume sample

A job in army is considered to be very critical as army professionals have to face many serious and critical conditions. Hence the resume of an army professional must reflect... Read More

Government Resume Templates

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Childcare Institution Attendant Resume Template

Childcare Institution Attendants are responsible for taking care of the children who are living in the institution.  They serve as the second parents of the children by making food preparations... Read More

Child Support Investigator Resume Template

Lodging Managers are the overall supervisors of lodging services usually in hotels, motels or any lodging utility.  They make sure that services and accommodation meet the standards of the hotel... Read More

Minister Assistant Resume Template

Minister Assistants work together with a religious minister in implementing his roles in the community.  They serve as the minister’s helpers in advocating spiritual and personal growth and development under... Read More

Junior Secretary Resume Template

Junior secretaries serve as assistants to senior secretaries and they do most of the more manual jobs in an office such as researching, filing documents, arranging and compiling paper trails,... Read More

Personal Assistant Resume Template

Personal assistants serve as the right hand of their superiors as they provide almost all the needs and requirements in everyday office operations of the office.  They work closely with... Read More

Electrician Helper Resume Template

Electrician Helpers are the assistants of Electricians especially for installation, repairs and evaluation of electric operations.  Although they are not as highly trained as the Electricians, they have enough skills... Read More

Fallers Resume Template

Fallers may not be a job that most people want to have because of the high risk of danger and hazards, however, without them, the task of safely cutting down... Read More

Forest Fire Inspector Resume Template

Forest Fire Inspectors implement fire regulations in their area of responsibility.  They inspect fire hazards and make reports of identify possible causes of fires.  They are have the ability to... Read More

Occupational Health and Safety Officer Resume Template

Occupational Health and Safety Officers ensure that the working environment of any workplace is safe and in good condition for the employees.  These officers are responsible for giving the employees... Read More

Government Clerk Resume Template

Government Clerks are variously employed at all levels of federal and state agencies, departments and bureaus to provide administrative and clerical support to the functions of their respective offices.  Hence,... Read More