Film Resume Templates

Film resumes are documents which highlight the skills, both academic and experiential, of a candidate looking for a job in the field of cinema. This can be the resume of... Read More

Movie Screenplay Writer Resume Template

Every movie requires a story which is detailed in a screenplay.  This is the script that directors visually interpret and paint on the celluloid canvass with the entire movie making... Read More

Film Reviewer Resume Template

It’s not uncommon for the movie fan to read film reviews to get an idea of what to expect from the movies they plan to watch.  A bad review may... Read More

Film and TV Camera Operator Resume Template

Video and film cameras do the same thing – capture moving images. They use different capture technologies but apart from a few operating methods, a veteran Film and TV Camera... Read More

Key Grip Resume Template

The Grip Department in a film or theater studio is basically a jack-of-all trades team responsible for providing the labor-intensive legwork and handiwork support for making the props, camera stands,... Read More

Film Projectionist Resume Template

Movies goers always take the film projectionist for granted until something goes wrong and they start booing or throwing litter at the projection booth at the back of the theater. ... Read More

Digital Archive Engineer Resume Template

There are only a handful of US companies restoring vintage Hollywood films to their original conditions using photochemical, digital recombination and other restoring solutions and this is where the Digital... Read More

Film Restoration Technician Resume Template

Using high definition digital format, the film restoration technician is skilled in processing acetate films into digital form using the photochemical solutions and digital composting software tools designed by the... Read More

Film Camera Operator Resume Template

The film camera used for movies require trained operators to capture the movie scenes as envisioned by the film director or cinematographer.  Occasionally, the director can demonstrated how the shots... Read More

Film Editor Resume Template

The movie you see in theaters is the immediate work of the film editor in crafting a seamless look and story that is meant for theatrical exhibition.  More often than... Read More

Fight Sequence Choreographer Resume Template

What you see as exciting fight and martial arts scenes don’t happen as spontaneously as they seem, but they are choreographed and extensively rehearsed or simulated before going into the... Read More

Casting Director Resume Template

Before an actor gets his or her part, the casting director makes a shortlist of actors that has been envisioned by the film director to possible play the parts in... Read More

Film Music Director Resume Template

Considered among the most vital elements in a movie, the musical background completes the mood created in the visuals and sets the pace of the action or scene. To this... Read More