Custodian resume template

Custodians are the professionals who are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and safety in buildings like schools, colleges, hospitals or commercial office complexes. The resume of a custodian must bring... Read More

Cleaning Resume Templates

Cleaning resume templates are documents provide an outline of how cleaning resumes should be written for maximum impact. Cleaning resumes are documents which highlight the skills, academic and professional, that... Read More

Room Attendant Resume Template

Room attendants generally do the cleaning and give customer service to clients who have booked a room in a hotel or any lodging utility.  Attendants respond to requests or concerns... Read More

Mover Resume Template

A mover is responsible for loading and unloading items as requested by the client.  On top of everything, he must be physically fit and with good problem-solving skills.  Movers must... Read More

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Worker Resume Template

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Workers can work in hotels, neighborhood and mall Laundromats, cruise lines and airlines.  They are trained in cleaning various types of clothing and bedding materials using conventional... Read More

Apartment Supervisors Resume Template

Apartment supervisors take care of the daily maintenance of the apartments they work for. Their main duties involve supervising maintenance personnel, negotiating with contractors for garbage disposal, security and construction... Read More

Custodian Resume Template

The custodian is a semi skilled employee whose primary job is to keep the buildings and the surrounding clean and safe. The work of the custodians involves cleaning floors, windows... Read More

Janitor Resume Template

The Janitor is in charge of cleaning building. They must keep the floor clean by sweeping, mopping and scrubbing or vacuuming them. They are also in charge of trash and... Read More

Pest Control Worker Resume Template

The pest control worker uses various chemical s and other substance to disinfect buildings and surrounding areas from various pests and vermin attacks. These workers usually inspect the premises to... Read More

Hotel House Keeper Resume Template

Hotel house keeper does cleaning work in the hotels. They are assigned to clean the guest rooms, lobby, banquet and conference halls of the hotels they work for. The primary... Read More