Technical Analyst Resume Template

A technical analyst is an individual who is responsible for forecasting the day to day fluctuations in the stock market by studying the financial data of the organization. They are... Read More

Functional Analyst Resume Template

A functional analyst is an individual who is responsible for conducting a series of meetings with the clients in order to know the system requirements of the client by probing... Read More

Hr Analyst Resume Template

A HR analyst is an individual working in the HR department of an organization and has to develop, analyze, deliver and evaluate human resource system. They prepare all the required... Read More

GIS Analyst Resume Template

A GIS analyst is responsible for planning and developing database models and also designing computer based replica of a specific location. They are also responsible for data management and providing... Read More

Project Analyst Resume Template

A project analyst is an individual who is responsible for planning, decision making activities and policy formulation of an organization.  They may also have to design various projects and make... Read More

Programmer Analyst Resume Template

A programmer analyst is an individual who applies his analytical and programming expertise in his job function in the organization and are also responsible for ensuring secure data transfer in... Read More

QA Analyst Resume Template

A QA analyst is an individual who is responsible for ensuring the quality of the software within the organization and also implementing test plans on the software. They may also... Read More

Data Analyst Resume Template

A data analyst is a specialist individual who specializes in managing the data of an organization efficiently and also responsible for organizing, analyzing and maintaining the data collected from various... Read More

Compensation Analyst Resume Template

A compensation analyst is an individual who is responsible for deciding the remuneration package of the employees of an organization and also developing procedures and guidelines in regards to compensation... Read More

Entry Level Analyst Resume Template

An entry level analyst is an individual who is seeking for a job in an organization at the lowest level of the employment ladder for an analyst. An entry level... Read More